Ninamaju Sdn Bhd (69300-V) commits to reduce our environmental footprint from time to time. In line with the other eco-friendly companies, Ninamaju Sdn Bhd (69300-V) committed to conduct its business activities with minimal adverse impact on the environment, for instance, we applying secondary processing to eliminate or minimize the dusty environment.

Ninamaju Sdn Bhd (69300-V) ’s office building and production factory was designed in the way to make sure our new building is eye-catching and environmentally sound. We use the combination of wood, corrugated aluminium, transparent polycarbonate, concrete and glass to create the best geometrically designed building over the area.

The factory roof brings in the natural lighting whenever possible through the transparent panel as to make sure there is sufficient brightness inside the factory. The rigid polycarbonate transparent roof needs lower maintenance cost compared to the lighting. On top of that, our factory roof is built for giving the good ventilation purpose. Hence, the energy consumption in our premise is lesser by implement all these environmental friendly measures.

In the other hand, our factory is also integrated with rainwater collecting system to recycle the raindrops and keep the landscaping looking healthier and eco-friendly way. We harvest the water through the rain barrels and then store into the big tanks as the water supply for the whole compound.

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